There are various statues placed inside of the Latvian Peace Pagoda including Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), Buddha Maitreya (the future Buddha), Achi Choekyi Drolma (female Protector of the Teachings), Mahakala (male Protector of the Teachings), as well as a few small figurines.

The Guru Rinpoche’s statue is placed in the vase part of the Pagoda (hemispherical dome above the square ‘throne’), the rest of the statues are located in the ‘throne’ section - inside the altar room.

All the statues and figurines are filled with relics and consecrated according to all relevant canons. The foundation and initiation of the Guru Rinpoche’s statue in the ‘vase’ was performed by Lama Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima in 2011 under instruction of Dza Patrul Rinpoche. Filling with the relics and the consecration of the Maitreya statue was conducted by Tibetan nun Lama yogini Ani Dolma in May 2013.

Any statue can become the object of meditation only after it has been filled in a proper manner. This is a great and laborious work which includes cleaning, twisting numerous mantra rolls, collection and preparation of other valuable materials such as rare flowers, herbs, relics, etc. All these objects are then laid inside the statue. Only people who have specialized knowledge and who have received blessings from the qualified Tibetan mentor Lama can perform this.

The filled statue becomes a pure dimension and a home to the Wisdom of an Enlightened, Perfect Being. Therefore, during the entire filling process cleanliness is maintained.

First, interior of the statue is cleaned from dirt and grime that has remained there after its manufacture. Then clean statue is purified with saffron water.  All the ingredients that are placed inside the statue must be new, beautiful, useful, precious and blessed. Filling ceremony itself has a set of strict rules: every mantra and every relic has its specific place in the statue. When the rolls with special mantras are laid inside Lama performs a ritual, activating the chakras or energy centres of Enlightened Being. This way statue ‘comes to life’ it has ‘opened’ its eyes, ears, nose, etc.

Subtle energy vibrations emanating from the statue begin to resonate with our energy centres and continuous flow of blessings positively affects our entire existence. All elements and energies of our body come into balance. This has a very beneficial, positive impact on our health and state of mind. Statue begins to see, feel and hear our prayers.